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Method to remove Thepopularlinks.com

Thepopularlinks.com is enlisted as very harmful browser hijacker program, designed by potential cyber criminals to take down installed browsers by modifying their browser settings and make you face unexpected redirections to third party web pages. Such hijacker comes at the time of visiting several suspicious web pages and downloading unsecure components. After getting attached with installed browsers homepage and default search provider are replaced with that and each time opening new tab causes to display this thing. It has nothing on it but have a search box to perform any search. It claims to give you exact match and even the best result against searched terms then. But the fact is far different than what it claims. Search results have list of links that is enlisted as very harmful and have several unexpected web links and ads windows which is not useful to visit. Actually, there are several tricky things there to get on your computer without even letting you know. These may eat up big part of system resources and drastically slow down entire PC performance along with browsing. That’s why, removal of Thepopularlinks.com is urgent for PC security and especially for stored information like financial details, recent searches and etc. Manual method is enough to get rid of such hijacker program completely. All you need is technical knowledge. For novice, automatic removal tool is present right on this page but sufficient to go with manual method.

Getting affected with Thepopularlinks.com hijacker is similar working on an infected browser. It will take you to third party web pages with redirect links, tricky codes, money saving programs and etc. These will be used to modify security programs and increase vulnerability of computer. It causes to make you face financial loss and identity theft badly. Sluggish behavior is also raised in computer to increase awkwardness  while working with affected computer. So, do your best to get rid of Thepopularlinks.com hijacker and protect installed browsers from modification. Continue reading